SportsArt E875 Icare – MET

It was through this partnership that the ICARE rehabilitation system was created, comprised of three parts: the E875MA elliptical, E875MU body unweighting system, and the E875MP wheelchair ramp, stairs, and clinician platform. The full ICARE system provides zero, partial, or full-body weight support and motor guidance which frees clinicians from hours of strenuous manual manipulation, allowing them to provide detailed feedback to the patient.


  • Movement patterns emulate motion and muscle demands of walking
  • Forward and reverse motor assistance allows speeds up to 65 cycles per minute
  • Adaptive motor assistance automatically adjusts to suit patient’s exercise needs
  • Single or dual leg training options accommodate wide range of patient needs
  • Arms can be integrated into training for complete body workout
  • Remote control for easy, unobtrusive clinician adjustments
  • Passcode control of motor-assisted features allows use of non-motor assisted
    training features by others
  • Wheelchair ramp, stairs and clinician platform provides access for clients who
    use a wheelchair and eases transfers on/off the device
  • Electronically controlled pneumatic height-adjustable seat provides ninety-degree
    rotation in either direction and arm rests flip up for easy patient access
  • Unweighting harness supports and lifts up to 400lb of patients’ body weight


Unit Weight MA: 396 lbs; MU: 403 lbs; MP: 363 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) MA+MU+MP: 145 x 89.3 x 102.5 in.
Resistance 40 Levels
Stride Length 18 – 29 in / 45.7 x 73.7 cm
Power Requirement 120V / 60 Hz
Max User Weight 450 lbs / 205 kg
Read Outs Heart Rate, Cardio Zone, Weight Loss Zone, Active Zone, Calories, Workout Level, Time, Distance, Strides/Min, Stride Length, Total Strides, Human Watts
Workout Programs Manual and ICARE Program
Tech Specs Power Requirements 120V / 60Hz, Unit Weight 1159.4 lbs / 527 kg, Step up height 12.6 in / 32 cm
Special Features Fingertip controls, Wired remote control, Motorized forward and reverse motion, Body unweighting system, Wheelchair accessible
Console Options Tri-Color LED


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